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Hi there!

I am so glad you are popping onto this page to learn how you can work with us at Sew Grown! Life is fun when you are your own boss. We love entrepreneurs interested in following their dreams!

We have a couple of options when it comes to working with us.

If you are already a wellness advocate for an Essential Oil company and love our Sew Grown products, We have two incredible opportunities where you can make extra money for your business.

Our Affiliate and/or Wholesale programs allow you to make extra money and gives you a little something special to offer your customers. We know from experience how busy wellness advocates can be so we have made it very simple. We even do your shipping for you for free!

We also offer deep discounts to wellness advocates so they can provide motivation and prizes for their teams through our Wellness advocate incentive program!

Click here to learn more and start earning extra income!

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If you are not currently an Essential Oil wellness advocate, and you are interested in learning more about full or part-time income, I am personally looking for a few people to join my leadership team with Doterra!


Doterra and essential oils have been life changing for my family!


A little about my history…….


After graduating from college, I was determined to become a Pharmaceutical rep. At that time it was the job to have and offered incredible flexibility. I was told I needed sales experience, so I went to work selling copy machines for a local company. It was fun at first, but boy did that wear off quick! I was told by recruiters in the industry I would need two years experience selling copiers before any Pharmaceutical company would even talk with me. That was not an option for me! I set to work finding every way possible I could network with pharmaceutical reps and ended up meeting several medical sales reps along the way. Now I was interested in setting my goals even higher. Medical sales representatives had the potential to make even more money and had even more flexibility. Yep, that was the new target! And, that is what I was able to accomplish. I networked my way right into a job in medical sales after eight months of graduating college and seven months selling copy machines.


Life was good, except for one small detail….


Over time I became ready to be a mom. Hmmm, I didn’t consider the fact that this job required travel, long hours, and very uncertain hours since surgery times were always changing. I loved my job but not enough to miss being a wife and mother. So, after six years I retired. My first born was then 15 months, and I set to work on being a stay at home mom. Fast forward eight years and here I am today back working, being a mom and wife full time, homeschooling, homesteading……..I get to do it all! I get to have my cake and eat it too!

That is the opportunity I want to share with you. I want to show you and help you become your own boss and live your life the way you choose! We don’t have to work for the man! We don’t have to land what we thought was our dream job and sacrifice everything good in our lives to keep that job! Running this dream company of mine along side my husband and family and running my Doterra business is work, but it is the kind of work I run out of bed to do. I don’t think I have watched an actual TV show for more than 15 minutes in the last year. I get my entertainment from my doterra career. I love that in the evening, while my children sleep, I get to connect with amazing people who are taking charge of their health and lives!

So what is the benefit of you joining my team? There are too many to list here so lets chat about it over the phone and get to know each other! I will tell you however that we have created a six figure business in under two years and as you can see from the growing shop, we are in it for the duration! Essential oils are my life now along with this company and doterra business. I hope you will join me on this journey!  Lets change lives together……starting with yours!

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