Sew Grown Headband - Bourton

Product image 1Sew Grown Headband - Bourton
Product image 2Sew Grown Headband - Bourton
Product image 3Sew Grown Headband - Bourton
Product image 4Sew Grown Headband - Bourton

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FREE shipping over $25.  Hand made in Asheville, North Carolina by our Seamstress Nancy Horn. Thank you Nancy for the amazing work!

Handcrafted with Liberty of London Fabric...
This premium, 100% cotton, fabric, is part of the beautiful Tana Lawn Collection. Taking its name from Lake Tana in East Africa where the original cotton grew, Tana Lawn cotton is unique. Made from specially selected ultra-fine long staple cotton and finished without the use of chemical or irritating allergens, the result is a famous masterpiece of fabric technology: fine, cool, comfortable and durable, with a brilliant reproduction of colors and print. Back of the headband is lined with 100% cotton.  

The Bourton Story
Taken from the Liberty archive collection of paisley style designs, Bourton was redrawn in 1963 before becoming a Classic in 1987. Resembling a twisted teardrop, the fig-shaped paisley is of Persian origin, but its western name derives from the town of Paisley, in West Scotland, a center for textiles where the paisley designs were produced. Some scholars believe the Paisley is a convergence of a stylized floral spray and a cypress tree, symbolizing life and eternity. 

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