How to Keep your Essential Oil Diffuser Clean!

Yes,  you read that correctly.  There is actually a way to prevent grimy build-up in your diffusers!  Can I get an AMEN!


Stop the war with grime in your diffusers!

I am constantly seeing posts out there on cleaning your essential oil diffusers.  I get it, they get funky.  We certainly don't want our beautiful cleansing and healing essential oils diffusing in the air with slimy old water!  I am really great about cleaning the one in the kitchen next to the sink often, but the ones in the children's room or my bedroom, not so much.  It requires time, and who has that!? 

In our home, we have a slight obsession with Witch Hazel.  If you have a boo boo; Witch Hazel.  Sore muscles; Witch Hazel. Itchy skin; Witch get the point, we love Witch Hazel.  The stuff is amazing!

One day I was cleaning up my funky, neglected diffusers and when I was loading them with fresh water, I tossed in some Witch Hazel.  I really had no plan in mind, it was just that the Witch Hazel was on the counter; it is always on the counter, so it seemed the natural thing to do. 

I never noticed any smell from adding Witch Hazel, so from that moment on, it just became a habit. Over time I began to realize, when I was cleaning my diffusers, that they were not longer becoming grimy.  Hmmm, is there something to this?

Now, adding Witch Hazel to each of my diffusers, when I add fresh water, is a normal practice and it is cutting down significantly on the grime.   I still clean them about once a month, and they are ready for a cleaning, but they are no longer funky!  Oh, happy days!

So, if you want to keep the grime to a minimum, toss in a squirt of Witch Hazel!  I have never done an accurate measurement, but I would say a tablespoon is just about right.

What have you found to be helpful in keeping your diffusers clean?

Happy Diffusing!

Winner announced last day of the month!


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