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Essential Oil Dilution Chart

Hi and welcome to our Sew Grown Essential Oil Dilution Chart! Properly diluting your essential oils is not only safe...

The Story of Our Sew Grown Prints

Do you know the story.....? Okay, if you don't know, it is because I have done a terrible job sharing all the deta...

Essential Oil Lip Plumper

Do you have super thin lips too? Recently, at the beauty counter. I had a worker suggest that I get a lip plumper.  Y...

Essential Oil Healthy Hair Serum Recipe

Fight the effects of summer fun on your hair with this easy to create Hair Repair and Growth Serum Recipe! It's not e...

How to Keep your Essential Oil Diffuser Clean!

Yes,  you read that correctly.  There is actually a way to prevent grimy build-up in your diffusers!  Can I get an AM...
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