Essential Oil Dilution Chart

Hi and welcome to our Sew Grown Essential Oil Dilution Chart! Properly diluting your essential oils is not only safe but will save you lots of money.  Here you will find our handy Essential Oil Dilution Chart which will make it easy to dilute your oils.  Please feel free to download and distribute this document…read more.

Essential Oil Jewelry

I am so excited to announce our Sew Grown essential oil jewelry line!   Essential oil jewelry is something we have wanted to add to Sew Grown for awhile, but we were looking for that perfect design that matched the quality and style of our Sew Grown cases.  We finally found that combination with Blue Sky…read more.

How to use Frankincense Oil

How to use Frankincense oil 10 ways a day! Most people know of it and that it is amazing, but what I have discovered lately is that not everyone knows how to use Frankincense oil.  Frankincense essential oil is used to support healthy cellular function, immune system, nervous system, skin, and offer emotional balance. Well…read more.

Essential Oils for Sinus Congestion

Yep, it’s that time of year!     In our home, we can use our healthy foods and essential oils to support our immune systems, but we still get that sinus congestion as the season’s change from time to time.  Our bodies need a moment to adjust to the new pollens in our environment or…read more.

Reflexology Foot Chart – Printable pdf

If a reflexology foot chart is not your best friend, it will be!   Reflexology Foot Chart PFD   I didn’t understand the value of the reflexology foot chart initially.  It took some time into my essential oil journey before I learned to appreciate the value of reflexology charts for essential oil use.  Once I finally embraced the idea,…read more.

The Story of Our Sew Grown Prints

Do you know the story…..?   Okay, if you don’t know, it is because I have done a terrible job sharing all the details behind our Sew Grown cases and company.  I get so caught up in the design process and all the details of running Sew Grown and forget to tell you all the…read more.

Quinoa Pancakes Recipe

Finally a pancake that is so good you can eat it without a topping!  I still like to add my fixin’s though….. This quinoa pancakes recipe came about when I cooked too much quinoa one day and didn’t feel like tossing it to the chickens.  That is the secret to making these pancakes tastes so good, pre-cooking…read more.

Dandelion Greens Smoothie

  What is all the fuss about? That is what I use to wonder when I heard all the hoopla over Dandelion Greens.  Then I took some to time to research that special little weed, and now I get what all the fuss is about!    Those Dandelion greens pack a powerful punch!    Dandelion…read more.

DIY Essential Oil Gel Hand Cleanser

Sometimes it really is so simple… Sometimes choosing a natural choice over a modern choice can be work.  Friends, this is not the case with my DIY Essential Oil Gel Hand Cleanser!   It is such a cinch to whip up and only requires a few simple, but powerful, ingredients.  It is also a cleanser that will work to support immunity, instead…read more.

Dealing with the Tummy Bug Naturally

Do you cringe when you hear it……?   The words………tummy bug!   Yep!  I know you do!  You hear about a friend whose child has it and you start the mental recap when was the last time your children were around that child?  Which friends do you both share that you have been exposed too? …read more.