Hi! I am Steffanie…

Cfamily-photoreator, and Designer of Sew Grown.

I am a wife and mother of three, follower of Jesus, homeschooler, soon to be certified aromatherapist, homesteader, business owner, sewing enthusiast, violinist wanna be, sustainable gardener, nature lover, and over the moon passionate about living a healthy and natural lifestyle.

We run the Sew Grown business out of our home and I currently work as the designer and creator while my loving husband handles many of the day to day business needs of Sew Grown.  My in-laws help with product inspection and packaging and the kiddos dance around and entertain us while we work.  It’s a family affair.



Our Mission at Sew Grown

At Sew Grown we strive to create products with purpose and style.

Our mission at Sew Grown is to offer excellent customer service, as well as products that will stand the test of time with both quality and style. We also believe the production of our products should make a difference in the lives of those in our country.           

Most of our Sew Grown cases are handcrafted in the USA by American’s with disabilities.


About our Sew Grown Casesessential oils carrying cases



Quality Counts and don’t let anyone convince you different!

We use the highest quality Liberty of London fabrics with prints that date back as far as the 1800’s.  Our cases are all handcrafted, many by Americans with disabilities, with the emphasis on quality so they will withstand daily use for years to come.   


The Fabric

This premium, 100% cotton, Liberty of London Fabric, is part of the beautiful Tana Lawn Collection.  Taking its name from Lake Tana in East Africa where the original cotton grew, Tana Lawn cotton is unique.  Made from specially selected ultra-fine long staple cotton and finished without the use of chemical or irritating allergens, the result is a famous masterpiece of fabric technology: fine, cool, comfortable and durable, with a brilliant reproduction of colors and print. Did you catch that?  Without chemicals and irritants……there is a mission behind our madness!

All of our prints have a story. 

Not only does our fabric have a story but each Sew Grown essential oil case print has it’s own unique story!  You can read each story on the products page.


We put thought into every detail.

Our cases are padded and reinforced, so they protect essential oil bottles from becoming  damaged.  They are also designed in a way that if oil spills inside the case, it will not penetrate to the outside fabric and ruin the clutch. 


That wooden tag serves a purpose!

Our wooden tags are handcrafted in the USA and act as a diffuser for your favorite scents.  Just add a drop of essential oil directly onto the wooden tag and enjoy.   

oil droppper 

How Sew Grown Began

In 2013 I was introduced to essential oils.  I was already into my natural health journey, so I understood how powerful herbal  tinctures and teas were for overall health I had just not taken the time to learn about essential oils.  I attended my first class and was immediately hooked.  Essential Oils simplified everything that I was already doing and offered a more powerful and versatile mix of natural solutions!  I was finally able to rid our home and bodies of toxins with ease!  Can I get an AMEN!

After receiving my essential oils kit, I realized there was nothing on the market that makes every day carry of essential oils manageable, beautiful, and truly functional.  Sewing comes easy for me, so I set to work on creating my essential oil bag.  I modified a purse pattern that I had created a few years earlier that I had used to raise money for the adoption of our daughter.  The design worked out so well as an essential oils case that I continued to create other cases to meet my needs off that original design and as popularity for my cases spread, the Sew Grown business was born.        

The only source you need for essential oil information!

The Sew Grown blog is where I share my passion for Essential oils and all things natural health, as well as some of our homestead shenanigans.  I am working towards a masters certification in aromatherapy and share helpful tips, that you won’t find anywhere else, in the weekly Sew Grown Chronicles along with properly formulated recipes and helpful links to empower you with the highest quality information on the benefits and use of essential oils.                                       

The internet and Pinterest are full of recipes that have not been rightly mixed or formulated to offer the greatest therapeutic benefits.  Sign up for our Sew Grown Chronicles and stay informed on the most instrumental information available!